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ESD Hanging visual pockets

ESD document holder for suspension. Same technical characteristics as the document holder for STD suspension but produced in dissipative polymer. Compliant with DIN EN 61350-5-1. Equipped with 5 holes and horizontal slot to offer various possibilities of hooking using the multiple accessories available.

Universal support

Universal support for documents , in metal wire covered with black plastic and rounded edges.

5S suspension set

5S is a suspension system supplied in a kit. The suspended signs are visible from a great distance and the colors immediately differentiate the products stored below. Ideal in very large environments such as warehouses. The replacement of indications is very fast: a clip blocks the sheet.

S connector

32mm metal S-hook can be used to connect the chain to the ring holder. Few steps to suspend the S100 / S200 frames.

Adhesive frame holder for S100/S200

Adhesive coupling in rigid transparent plastic to be used in pairs with PKR-RCL-100/200. This creates a hinge with a variable but stable angle. Can be used vertically and horizontally

Magnetic frame holder S100/S200

Magnetic coupling in rigid transparent plastic to be used in pairs with PKR-RCL-100/200. As for the adhesive attachment, a hinge with variable but stable angle is created. Can be used to expose S100 frames, vertically or horizontally, on all metal surfaces.

S100/S200 Frame holder for ø 28 mm tube

Connection in rigid transparent plastic for tubulars or profiles ø 28 mm. Can be used vertically and horizontally. Paired with PKR-RCL-100/200 it allows the suspension of the S100 / S200 frames providing a hinge with variable but stable angle.

Articulated arm with support for 10 envelopes, A4 format

Sturdy Articulated swivel arm with support for 10 A4 transparent envelopes. Practical and flexible: drawings, tables and reference manuals that can be oriented in favor of the operator can be displayed.

Magnetic pocket for A4 sheets

Perforated magnetic envelope for A4 sheets, colored with double housing for documents. With RBM-MA-35 creates a browsable book that maintains the open position of the pages. Ideal for production lists, price lists and manuals.

Transparent envelope A4 format

Transparent A4 format envelope, legible on both sides with coloured border. Used and collected up to 10 pieces for wall support, magnetic or jointed, it creates a book binder. To be used to display manuals, price lists or reading extended texts.

In depth


A fundamental part of Visual Management concerns the identification by colors, applicable to define the position of the products and their classification, the progress of the product or the maintenance status of the equipment necessary for production.

The identification of the position of the product through the colors allows to have more order both in the warehouse and in the department reducing the supply times as it will be immediately clear which item goes to which shelf.

The progress of the product can be done with colors, assigning to each status (raw material, semi-finished, finished)
a different color. It will thus be possible to easily detect if a semi-finished product is stored where it should not be. The colors also allow you to check any anomalies at a glance and ensure faster execution when the goods are handled within the company.

The maintenance of the equipment can also be managed with the use of colors, distinguished according to the phases of the maintenance process: to be performed, in execution, stopped, operational.

LeanProducts provides a wide range of products to make the process easily visible through the use of tools for visual management that, in a simple and clear way, allow to organize the production and warehouse departments in an immediate and easily understandable way by all operators.



 Colours chart

The wide range of colors allows you to define the position of the products and their classification, the progress of the product or the maintenance status of the equipment necessary for production.









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