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Writable magnetic Sheets

Sheets in magnetic film, writable and rewritable with water-based markers. They allow for any cuts to measure to satisfy every identification need even with limited spaces. The identification in the warehouse is always updated, orderly and clear. Also suitable for outdoor environments.
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Writable magnetic tapes and sheets. An alternative to the predefined dimensions if particular lengths or small quantities in various colors are required: the flexible magnetic material can be easily cut with scissors to the desired length. Using water-based markers, the writing is erased with a damp cloth, allowing reuse. Also suitable for outdoor environments: the use of permanent markers is recommended to prevent the writing from being erased. The identification in the warehouse will always be updated, tidy and clear thanks to the five different colors that guarantee immediate distinctions.  Stable application on all ferrous surfaces is guaranteed.



  • stable application on all ferrous surfaces

  • possibility of reuse

  • easy and immediate application and removal

  • possibility of using permanent markers for permanent writing (external use)

  • possibility of applying pre-printed adhesive labels

  • possibility of personalized cutting

  • thickness 0.9 mm





A (mm)200300400600600600 
B (mm)300600600600100010.000