Solutions for Lean Manufacturing

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Modular drawer cabinet

Modular chest of drawers L = 600 mm with ABS frame and drawers in transparent polystyrene flap, in variable numbers depending on the model, which can also be removed from the structure. The small parts will always be in order, perfectly recognizable. Easy withdrawal. It is also possible to stack drawer units with different quantities of boxes

Modular box

Large containers, modular with pallets, collar H = 200 mm, stackable up to 6 elements and resealable, lid with seat for straps. Available in 3 sizes, they are ideal when it is necessary to reduce the overall dimensions when not in use. Also available the bottom layer which, being stuck between one collar and another, allows you to create multiple sectors.

Structure for modular drawers

Structure in gray painted sheet steel, prepared with holes for wall mounting. It is able to contain different combinations of modular drawers ensuring their stackability and stability. In 600 mm width and available in 4 heights it allows infinite combinations.

Wolf mouth container

Colored polypropylene container with gripping mouth and grooves for the insertion of vertical dividers and optional provision of anti-dust cover. Used side by side or overlapping, they provide convenient access for picking up leaving the contents visible. Available in multiple colors for visual differentiation and in 9 dimensions. Dividers and cover on request. With a minimum order of € 400.00 shipping is free.

Storage box with open front for suspension

Colored rigid plastic container with gripping mouth. Used side by side or overlapped, they provide convenient access for picking up leaving the contents visible. Available in multiple colors for visual differentiation and in many dimensions.

Folding container

Container composed of black pallet 1200x800 mm, grey polionda sleeve with flap opening on the long side to facilitate the operations of picking up the material and completely resealable and can be positioned on the pallet to reduce the size of the empty space and lid. The sleeve is available in 2 heights and 3 different weights to meet the most varied loading needs.

EURO boxes

Polypropylene containers of first choice, available in different sizes, with closed handle, with reinforced or non-reinforced bottom.The robustness and the material make this container particularly long-lived and therefore convenient. Color: Grey.


The R-KLT container for small loads is specifically designed for automated production processes and to be used in the most varied stages of production. It stands out for its extremely stable composite base. Withstands temperatures from -20 °C to 100°C. Provided with 2 locations for identification tag. Prepared to be stacked also with lid.

Plastic pallet

Plastic pallets available in 3 sizes, with or without containment edges, reinforced or not, all with 3 runners and perforated surface to make it lighter and easier to handle. Supplied in black color. Unstoppable and stackable.

Foldable container

The 1200x800 mm folding container with 4 access compartments is ergonomic and comfortable to handle: 4 integrated openings on the side walls allow easy and convenient access to the content. In case of non-use or transfer it is possible to fold the external walls inwards, bringing great economic advantages. Convenience in loading and unloading operations. Folded height: 42 cm

The high-quality plastic containers for logistics are the ideal solution for the storage and handling of material that requires prompt availability in the warehouses and in the production and assembly departments. They are ideal for intensive use and become perfect ecological packaging: replacing much of the classic cardboard packaging generates a high waste of material. There are stackable, folding and available versions with a lid and, in addition to being used in transport, they can be used inside the factories for manual use but also for automatic warehouses and gravity roller conveyors.
Available with various types of base (smooth, perforated, reinforced) and walls (closed with handles) they can be equipped with lids, dividers, separation surfaces.
In addition to improving warehouse logistics, it promotes environmental sustainability, which is fundamental for everyone's future.