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Visual boards - Central information board

Visual boards with aluminum profile 30x30 mm, magnetic panel and writable with dry and indelible markers, unalterable, resistant to sunlight, high heat and chemicals, 2 legs equipped with ø 50 mm wheels with brake and hinges for linking with central blackboards. Panel height 1208 mm. Total height 2000 mm. Available mono or bi-facial.
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Visual boards - Side information board is produced in aluminum profile and with a panel suitable for writing with dry-erase markers, erasable with eraser, and with indelible solvent-erasable markers. Equipped with 2 legs with wheels ø 50 mm. Available in mono or bi-facial version. If length greater than 2000 mm is required, there are reinforced versions. Alternatively, side boards can also be hinged on both sides.


  • Structure in 30x30 mm aluminum profile

  • Possibility to use any type of marker

  • Surface erasable with solvents

  • Magnetic surface

  • Possibility of multiple compositions

  • Customizable measures

  • Panel height 1208 mm

  • Total height 2000 mm

  • Available mono or bi-facial


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