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Folding container

Container composed of black pallet 1200x800 mm, grey polionda sleeve with flap opening on the long side to facilitate the operations of picking up the material and completely resealable and can be positioned on the pallet to reduce the size of the empty space and lid. The sleeve is available in 2 heights and 3 different weights to meet the most varied loading needs.
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Collapsible polionda containers protect the product during picking, assembly, processing, storage and distribution in many sectors, including the automotive industry, household appliances and electronics. Pallet and lid are durable but light. The sleeve, available in 2 heights according to specific needs, is made of triple-walled honeycomb, is foldable and has a flap opening on the long side to facilitate the operator during the loading and unloading of the components. In addition, by removing the special base covers or caps, the pallet that acts as a base becomes insertable into another pallet, further optimizing the volumes transported.





  • Sleeve in height 650 mm or 850 mm, with loading openings and fully collapsible
  • Sleeve with variable weight: 2000/2400/3000 g / m2
  • Sleeve thickness 10 mm
  • Stackable and forkable pallet
  • Operating temperature -20 ° C + 60 ° C
  • Internal dimensions 1140 x 740 mm
  • External dimensions 1200 x 800 x 850/1050 mm
  • Internal dimensions 1140 x 740 x 490/690 mm
  • Max flow rate on the bottom: 2000 Kg