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Systembox A4 accessories

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Plastics for systembox A4

Plastic for Systembox A4, transparent. Superior to close the light between one Systembox A4 and the other in cascade formation; the front plastic, to be used only on the latest Systembox A4 in both cascade and compact formation. They prevent the inserted documents from spilling out.

Supports for Systembox A4

Upper support for creating and fixing a Systembox A4 column on the wall or on a blackboard; lower supports, with 2 different thicknesses according to the chosen Systembox A4 model, to fix the lower part of the column.

In depth

The accessories for Systembox A4 include upper fixing brackets, inclined to reduce the overall dimensions as they allow the lower part of each systembox to rest against the wall or blackboard, lower fixing brackets to prevent the columns from swinging, especially if made up of many elements , plastic closure of the front and top of the Systempox to prevent the inserted documents from spilling out.