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The Systemboxes are colored plastic elements that can be stacked and placed side by side. Used for the collection of Kanban tags and the creation of Semaphore Kanban, Heijunka and Lot Size Kanban systems. The rear notched groove is the housing of an adapter that allows the insertion of even small Kanban. Requires accessories to complete the system. Compatible with Systembox A4. ESD version available.

Systembox A4

The A4 Systemboxes are plastic elements that can be linked and joined together, available in 2 colors and 2 different thicknesses that allow the collection of bulky documents. They need accessories to complete the system. Can be used for the creation of Heijunka and Lot Size Kanban. Compatible with Systembox.

In depth

The basic elements of this system, the systemboxes allow the creation of a traffic light for the management of kanban cards. Their structure allows you to concatenate them both horizontally and vertically to create columns and rows in variable quantities according to need.

Perfect for kanban holders suitable for KLT containers according to the VDA 4092 standard, it is possible to insert tags even the size of a business card thanks to a rear guide and a T-shaped accessory that reduces the useful depth. They are also compatible with the bigger Systembox A4 brothers.




Coloured or grey?

Available coloured to improve the visual differentiation of the traffic light or grey where, again for the traffic light, coloured accessories will be used to obtain the same visual result. The use of gray Systemboxes reduces the need for inventory for the implementation of the system and allows a rapid variation of the rhythms of the system itself if needed.