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Magnetic support S100

Magnetic support for S100 frames. Rotate 360 °. Allows you to display S100 frames both vertically and horizontally without having to drill. It supports up to 2.8 kg, therefore also cascade linked frames.
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Rigid transparent plastic support with magnetic insert that supports up to 2.8 kg, therefore also cascade linked frames. Ideal for fixing S100 frames on cages, metal containers or shelves. The clip, with respect to the magnet, rotates 360 ° allowing angles of your choice. This makes information visible even from non-frontal positions.

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FIFO Monorail - Terminal

Terminals for FIFO Monorail - Guide. Equipped with 4 holes for fixing to the ground and connection elements to FIFO Monorail - Guides (grains included): with V or larger opening, in 2 widths to adapt to the 2 versions of FIFO Monorail - Guides and to facilitate the entry of the trolleys . The versions 55 mm and with easy opening are reinforced.

Protective screens and classification symbols

Protective screens with colored adhesive border and transparent central part to protect codes and writings on the floor. Suitable for barcode reader. Specific to mark the pallet positions or to name specific areas, in production and in the warehouse. Walkable and washable. 9 colors available. Non-adhesive symbols for classifying routes and areas. Different symbols in 2 formats, DIN A4 and DIN A5 to always be used with LongLife - Protective screen.

Frame S100

The suspension frame, with colored border and anti-reflective plastic, is legible on both sides. The replacement of indications is very fast: a clip blocks the sheet. Many hooking variants are available (magnetic / adhesive / wall mounted) for identification of shelves, storages and parking lots.