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LongLife® Heavy Duty

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Delimitation tapes HD

The LongLife Heavy Duty 25 meters floormarking is suitable for marking storage spaces. It can also be used to mark heavily used transit routes. The premium material and chamfered edge ensure robustness and function.

HD Symbols

Symbols for HD delimitation in rigid plastic, powerful adhesive and rounded edge optimize the qualities of resistance and functionality of the product. The high-strength adhesive, which does not damage the flooring, and the resistant material are suitable for areas most exposed to wear. Washable also with machinery. The various colors allow an immediate distinction of the destinations of the delimited areas.

Rounded HD Symbols

Rounded HD symbols in rigid plastic have rounded corners and beveled edges. Together with the high-strength adhesive they provide a product with high strength and functionality. The adhesive, which does not damage the flooring, and the resistant material are suitable in situations with particularly severe mechanical stress. They are also machine washable. The intended uses of the various demarcated areas are defined by the colors. And there are 8 of them.

The LongLife® Heavy Duty series - Symbols for delimitation, is suitable for the delimitation of areas for intensive use such as warehouses, driveways or parking lots where mechanical stresses are more important than in other areas of your company. The rigid plastic of which they are made is very resistant, the powerful double-sided adhesive ensures tightness on any floor and the edge with invitation allows the passage of forklifts or other means without evident hopping.



Colour chart

The colours remain constant, almost all the products of the LongLife® line are always present.




The smoother and more regular the floor, the greater the contact surface of the adhesive, the better adhesionBefore application, remove dust and oil from the floor. For cleaning floors we recommend using LongLife CLEANER® or REMOVER®  

  Ideal temperature of use: +18°C / +25°C           Laying: wait 12 hours after cleaning.