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LongLife® - Modul

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Square modules 75x75 mm for the delimitation on the ground, in 2 versions, of storage areas or aisles of forklifts. Made of high quality plastic it is highly resistant to mechanical stress. Can be used outdoors if fixed with screw and plug.

MODUL - Screw and Plug

Screw and plug 6 x40 mm for fixing the LGMOD-ND item to the ground. Fixing can also take place after applying the MODUL with adhesive


L-shaped module for the delimitation of storage areas on the ground. Made of high quality plastic, it is highly resistant to mechanical stress thanks to 2 holes for fixing (screws included). Can also be used outdoors. Various colors available.

If it is necessary to delimit paths or areas in environments where there may be considerable stresses as there are dragging of crates or high transit frequency of the forklifts or pallet trucks, the use of the Modul is able to guarantee a greater seal thanks to the fixing to the ground with screw and plug. The module is made with a slightly conical shape to cushion the impact and is made of high quality plastic and is highly resistant. There are 3 versions, two of which are squared and one in L. The squared versions can only be with adhesive or with adhesive and hole for fixing to the ground. The L version, on the other hand, is equipped with 2 holes for fixing to the ground and there is no adhesive. The modules with hole can also be used outdoors as the adhesion does not depend on the adhesive. 

 Adhesive ModulModul with holeL Modul





The combination of several elements side by side it allows to produce different shapes.



Colour chart

The range of colours proposed allows a visual differentiation of areas and paths, improving safety and efficiency within your company.