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Klimastar chairs

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Klimastar Chair in PUR

The Klimastar swivel work chair is complete with perforated seats and backs in heat-sensitive polyurethane foam, which promotes constant air circulation and an optimal climate as well as excellent comfort. Chair with seat and backrest adjustable in height and inclination. Available in 2 heights, with wheels, feet or non-slip disk and in various colours. ESD version available. Guaranteed 10 years.


The Klimastar series chairs offer plenty of space for a healthy and dynamic seat thanks to their ergonomics, with seats adjustable in height and inclination, with high backrests and with adjustable pressure on contact, with customizable height and inclination, and with a perforated thermosensitive polyurethane coating which guarantees excellent air circulation while maintaining the optimum temperature. In addition, the padding is separated from the frame, removable and replaceable as needed. A special mechanism also provides a synchronous movement of the backrest and seat. The adjustment elements are functionally arranged and easy to understand.



  • Height adjustable
  • Large seat with adjustable inclination from -8 ° to + 1 °
  • Seat size 415/470 x 455 mm
  • High back with adjustable height
  • Backrest dimensions 325/400 x 450 mm
  • Backrest angle from -18 ° to + 11 °
  • Back pressure adjustment lever
  • Supports the upper back
  • Relieves the spine
  • It protects the kidney area
  • Synchronously adjustable seat and backrest angle

Guaranteed 10 years.



Backrest height adjustmentBackrest angle adjustmentSeat inclination adjustment
Perforated and breathable PUR coating, separated from the frame