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Syntethic leather Classic chair

Classic chairs in synthetic leather with variable height seat and height and inclination adjustable backrest. Available in 2 heights, with wheels, feet or non-slip disc, with standard or oversized backrest and in various colours. ESD version available. Guaranteed for 10 years.
  • Black 217x293
    Black 217x293
    Not available
  • Saphire blue (S)
    Saphire blue (S)
    Not available
  • Ligh grey 207x2396
    Ligh grey 207x2396
    Not available
  • Charcoal
    Not available
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Classic chairs are produced using extremely resistant materials and only of the highest quality. The fire-retardant, stain-resistant synthetic leather, resistant to high and low temperatures, body fluids (blood, urine) and disinfectants guarantees excellent comfort. The Classic chair provides the operator with an effective means of maintaining correct posture. The large seat is height adjustable. The backrest in height and inclination. A special pin synchronizes the two movements. The adjustment elements are functionally arranged and easy to use. Available in both standard and increased height, with wheels, feet or non-slip disk, standard or XL backrest and in various colours.