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Kanban-Cover self-adhesive/magnetic

Rigid and transparent PVC plastic cover with adhesive or magnetic support. Allows the display of documents on any surface. Ideal for classifying containers without seat for the tag

Label Cover 2 adhesive stripes

With 2 adhesive strips, in transparent PVC plastic. The adhesive support allows the use on multiple surfaces such as plastic containers where the relative seat is not provided.

Kanban-Cover overhang

Kanban-Cover for suspension in rigid, transparent PVC, open on 3 sides. It can be used to expose kanban on containers with shoulder thickness up to 17 mm. The containers remain stackable. The 3-sided opening does not constrain the size of the kanban. ESD version available.

Kanban-Cover overhang

Kanban-Cover with 90 ° support for suspension, in rigid PVC, transparent, open on 3 sides. It can be used to display kanban tags between overlapping cartons or panels. The opening on 3 sides does not limit the size of the kanban.


Universal adhesive support for documents. To implement the Kanban, even with special measures, on containers without a document compartment.

Angled Label Holder

Adhesive Label Holder in rigid PVC, with angled support to allow the tag to be displayed externally with respect to the ribs of non-KLT containers.

Kanban-Cover Mega

Transparent rigid plastic Kanban holder that can be used to classify material contained in boxes, containers, pallets that do not have a special location for a label holder. Light, it rests on top of the material. The lack of magnetic supports and adhesives makes Kanban-Cover Mega ideal to be collected on a Kanban system. Readable front / back. Dimensions: 215x100 mm

In depth

Most of the components are stored and moved on containers of different sizes and models. It therefore becomes a priority to be able to choose the document holder that best suits. In transparent plastic, with magnetic or adhesive backing, with suspension fixing system like KAN-COW, inclined like KAN-COSW100-60 for containers with ribs that reduce the useful space for the tag, with insertion like KAN-COP for cartons or panels or universal as the small KAN-CLIP75 each tag will find the right seat on your container, it will be protected and always readable with a bar-code reader.