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Insert label for tube application

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Front label holder

Transparent PVC tag holder open on three sides with rear attachment and front label positioning. For identification on shelves made with tubular or profiled system Ø 28 mm approx.

Round adhesive label ø 28 mm

Label holder in transparent PVC, open on 3 sides, allows identification on any tubular shelf or profile ø 28 mm.

Adhesive label holder ø 28 mm H=38 mm

Adhesive label holder in transparent PVC, H=38 mm, allows to display identification tags on any shelf in tubular or profile ø 28 mm.

Label holder with clip

Label holder with flexible hooks for fixing on tubular profiles. Available in 5 lengths (100 ... 1000 mm) with clips in variable quantities (2 ... 4) depending on the length. Very small dimensions. Allows reading of the bar code.

In depth

The transparent plastic tag holders suitable for bar-code readers, stickers or interlocking, are well suited to the tubular profile with a diameter of about 28 mm.

Some models, such as curved adhesive label holders or VST-LABEL, wrap the tubular and are perfect for warehouses and gravity shelves: they facilitate the movement of goods and reduce the possibility that this operation can somehow unhook the label holder.

The adhesive clip also allows the positioning of the tag with different reading angles: perfect when the magazine profiles are placed higher or lower than the operator's optimal field of vision.

The front label holder does not create constraints as it is possible to remove it, despite the grip will guarantee, and reposition it to redefine the layout of the warehouse. It also offers a generous, flat surface for displaying information.

All allow the reading of the bar code.