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Insert labels

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Name plate for N/G

Name plate for GF-N/GF-G

Kanban holder for GF-N/GF-G

Kanban holder for GF-N / GF-G in central, upper and lower version which allow the insertion of the kanban with a single gesture.

Aluminum name plate for GF-N/GF-G

Aluminum name plate for GF-N/GF-G

Label holder with clip

Label holder with flexible hooks for fixing on tubular profiles. Available in 5 lengths (100 ... 1000 mm) with clips in variable quantities (2 ... 4) depending on the length. Very small dimensions. Allows reading of the bar code.

Round adhesive label ø 28 mm

Label holder in transparent PVC, open on 3 sides, allows identification on any tubular shelf or profile ø 28 mm.

Front label holder

Transparent PVC tag holder open on three sides with rear attachment and front label positioning. For identification on shelves made with tubular or profiled system Ø 28 mm approx.

Adhesive label holder ø 28 mm H=38 mm

Adhesive label holder in transparent PVC, H=38 mm, allows to display identification tags on any shelf in tubular or profile ø 28 mm.