Solutions for Lean Manufacturing

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Universal support

Universal support for documents , in metal wire covered with black plastic and rounded edges.

Kanban-Cover self-adhesive/magnetic

Rigid and transparent PVC plastic cover with adhesive or magnetic support. Allows the display of documents on any surface. Ideal for classifying containers without seat for the tag


KAN-Label in colored plastic and transparent front with side opening. Designed to protect kanban tags. Suitable for use on KLT containers and in Kanban boards.

Pallet clamp

Clamp for identification of pallets, in rigid and resistant yellow PVC, for tag 76x70 mm. It hooks to the foot of the pallet and allows you to display an identification tag. It is possible to fix it with staples. Also available in white cardboard and transparent protective plastic, 78x72 mm in size, which fit into the special seat.

Self-adhesive visual pockets

Colored PVC plastic document holder, with 1 or 2 adhesive strips. Allows you to expose documents on most surfaces.

Magnetic visual pocket

Magnetic document holder in colored plastic and transparent front. Available in versions with multiple magnets. Ideal for displaying documents on all metal surfaces.

Hanging visual pockets

Document holder for suspension in resistant PVC plastic and transparent front. Equipped with 5 holes and horizontal slot to offer various attachment possibilities using the many accessories available. ESD version available.

Cardboard for pallet clamp

White cardboard, dimensions 76x70 mm, necessary for the use of the pallet gripper KAN-PS-04 and to allow identification of the pallet.


KLT-Snapper in colored plastic and transparent front with upper opening. Designed to protect kanban tags. Suitable for use on KLT containers and in Kanban boards

Label Cover 2 adhesive stripes

With 2 adhesive strips, in transparent PVC plastic. The adhesive support allows the use on multiple surfaces such as plastic containers where the relative seat is not provided.

Order is the basis of the principles of the 5S which provide, among other things, organization and improvement of the workplace. The colors, the different types of product dictated by the characteristics of the support where they will be applied and the different dimensions provide indispensable means for ordering, identifying and classifying, in production or in the warehouse, what is deposited on each position of each shelf or what is contained in each box. whether it is plastic, cardboard or metal.

The colored document holders are made of sturdy plastic, with a transparent window: this allows you to read documents without having to remove them. The relative supports (adhesive, magnetic, magnetic Neodym) and the provision of holes for suspension or hooking, solve almost all identification needs.

The document holders for containers, transparent and in rigid plastic, allow the exposure of documents on any surface.

The colored kanban holders, perfect for using VDA-compliant containers such as the KLT, offer 4 different versions, also providing for the need for quick collection thanks to the shape KAN-SPECIAL with hole or the 2 strong neodym magnets (KAN -MAGNETIC LABEL).

The insert label for tube, adhesive or with hook, are designed for the display of identification tags in tubular structures, limiting the overall dimensions, and in some cases, literally wrapping the structure.

Last but not least, the classification of the pallets: the clearly visible yellow pallet clamp contains a generously sized tag protected by transparent plastic. Immediate installation but with a secure grip.



Colour chart 

The colors allow to define the position of the products and their classification, the progress of the product or the maintenance status of the equipment necessary for production.