Solutions for Lean Manufacturing

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The solution for efficient picking

With the Pick to light system, the picking instructions are provided to the warehouse staff directly on the shelf, also indicating the quantities, considerably reducing the possibility of error. The time required to search for codes within paper orders and to annotate the quantities withdrawn is reduced.







The system is based on displays positioned on shelves or on warehouses. The range varies from versions with LED light only, to light and numeric or alphanumeric display, with buttons that can be used to correct inventory in the warehouse or with a pick-up sensor.

The numeric display is used to indicate the withdrawal quantity, the alphanumeric display can also show short information.

Double oval LED with two sectors, with 7 different colors, can be controlled separately so as to clearly indicate to the operator if the recovery position is higher or lower. Of course, both halves of the LED can be lit with the same color to make it even clearer and more visible.

The sensor system, which can point up or down, has been developed to more easily confirm picking and acceleration of the process. It replaces the mechanical push-button confirmation: the movement of the hand, without any contact, the confirmation of the quick setting and without wear.

Thanks to the quick-fit mounting profile and the modular structure, the goods inside the warehouse can be rearranged quickly by simply moving the corresponding displays immediately and without the use of tools. 
The copper contacts on the suspension profile ensure the distribution of both power and data, avoiding the use of connection cables. The part of the profile that did not accept the displays can be closed by means of a cover profile that guarantees contact protection and a better aesthetic impact.


The expandability of the system is guaranteed by the possibility of interfacing with barcode readers, wireless systems and other components.


Without the use of PC thanks to the total management of the mapping and withdrawals, by means of a barcode gun

  1. Operation without the need for a PC thanks to total management via barcode. 

  2. Management of up to 200 "father" bar codes (eg Bill of Materials) and 1000 total codes associated with the "father" code 

  3. Operation with lighting lights in parallel mode (all lights come on together) or in sequence 

  4. Minimum installation time 

  5. Training time use about 15 minutes 

  6. Possibility to import Excel files to load initial data "bill of material mappings" (optional)



Mapping of warehouses and management of withdrawals by means of dedicated software, on a PC connected to the system

  1. Loading database data:- Excel file import provided for loading initial data eg: codes with descriptions and "parent" bills of materials- manual database modifications through specific sw functions 

  2. Warehouse mapping and codes association 

  3. Other functions:- picking function (separate selection or single code to be picked) with light color assignment- deposit function (light display for material loading)- inventory function (display and quantity modification)- light on in parallel or sequential mode