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Park Station - Aluminum rails

Aluminum rails to be placed perpendicular to the carriage stroke and define the parking position. Available in high, low and mixed versions to create differentiated solutions according to the stroke and load of the trolley. Different lengths and relative accessories available to complete.
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Park Station - Aluminum rails, Each track is made up of 2 elements that must be positioned perpendicular to the travel of the trolley to establish the exact position in which it must stop. Available in 11 mm high versions for light loads and practicability in both directions of travel, 8 mm low versions for heavy loads and double direction of travel, and mixed to prevent the travel of the trolley from continuing beyond the track. Available in different lengths and related accessories that allow the use of trolleys with wheels of any diameter.


With the use of spacers the rails can accommodate wheels with a diameter even greater than 180 mm.