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Pally Contenitore

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Pally Containers are foldable and foldable to save space when not in use. The simple foot pressure on a pedal on both sides of the trolley transfers up to 500 kg of weight from the pallet to the wheels and vice versa. The insertion of the folding walls satisfies all transport needs: greater load of the trolley, the possibility of stacking another container, effective performance and, at the same time, also the customer's needs: simple maneuverability, rapid filling.




  • Stability and maneuverability
  • The parking axles are simple to use and are even more stable than the wheel brakes, allowing the operator to maneuver and store 250 kg of goods with extreme ease.
    Integration with collapsible container and pallet lid
  • The most versatile reusable packaging system on the market.
  • 50% less space when stacking empty containers
  • The Pally container can be folded and stacked to increase vehicle load at a 2: 1 ratio.
  • Complete transport solution
  • The Pally container is used by retailers, in warehouses and points of sale, as an efficient and professional system to avoid double handling of goods.
  • Simplified Pickup - Two pickup doors allow quick access to goods for picking and replenishing the shelves.
  • Transport of large bulk items
  • The Pally container is the perfect solution for the handling and storage of bulky items, which is why it is used by various manufacturers for the transport of goods between two production lines.


Dim. ext. LxPxH


Dim. ext. LxPxH


Dim. int. LxPxH


Container Stacking Height


Stacking height of folded container


Ground clearance



Options and accessories:


  • Carriage Handle - For ergonomically moving units. Weight (kg): 1.52, Dimensions (cm): 100 x 32 x 15
  • Towing hook - For moving multiple pallets. Weight (kg): 1.12, Dimensions (cm): 31 x 31.5 x 10.5