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Adaptor pallet

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Adaptor pallet

Adapter pallet 1210 x 800 x 120 mm for storage and transport of Dolly trolleys. Unbreakable and stackable. Equipped with safety catch.

Adapter pallet with cage

Adapter pallet 1200x800 with cage



The Adapter Pallet has been specially designed to hold, store and transport trolleys. Complete the use of trolleys, improving handling and safety. Regardless of the size of the cart you want to store or transport, they can all fit into the Adapter Pallet. It is suitable for all types of wheels.

The flat access ramps on both guides on the front make it easier to insert the carriages, while the new side guides prevent the wheels from turning sideways. On the back side it has a stop plate for the rear trolleys. On the loading part there is a locking / unlocking mechanism for trolleys with colored levers to improve visibility. This prevents the carts from accidentally leaving.

The Adapter Pallet has the same standard dimensions as a Euro pallet and this allows you to store the trolleys together with the goods or to transport them without making material transfers. This allows you to reduce transportation costs and improve sustainability.

A mechanism for attaching tension belts provides additional protection during transport. We therefore proceed with the use of the pallet truck for a single movement, with the Adapter Pallet loaded.

Load-holding belt or cover 1200x 800 mm to allow overlapping are available separately.

Also available version with cage.



- Optimal use of transport and space.
- Minimization of manual management
- Reduction of delivery times
- Low repair costs: very resistant structure
- Designed for handling on automated transport systems
- Excellent stability
- Painted locking / unlocking levers for better visibility


Lock pedal operation













Push the carriages into the guidesButton detailPress the buttons to lock / unlock the dolly