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Pallet clamp

Clamp for identification of pallets,, in rigid and resistant yellow PVC with housing for cardboard on three sides. It hooks to the foot of the pallet and allows you to display an identification tag. It can be fixed with staples. Also available White cardboard and transparent plastic protective tag holder in which to insert the cards of the appropriate formats.
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Lead Time: 10 days

Clamp with front tag holder for pallet identification. It hooks to the foot of the pallet using only one hand. It is possible to fix the Gripper to the foot of the pallet with staples. Dimensions 100x74x145mm.

A completely use the White cardboard necessary for the use of the KAN-PS-04 pallet gripper and allow the identification of the pallet and the transparent protective plastic for the pallet gripper to protect the identification tag.

To use with ET600 frontal cardboard and ET650 side cardboard.


  • grooved socket for easy use with one hand
  • integrated gripper
  • excellent locking
  • Rigid and resistant PVC
  • yellow color
  • 3 slots for tag holder

Cardboard and protective plastic available