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Modular Box

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Modular box

Large containers, modular with pallets, collar H = 200 mm, stackable up to 6 elements and resealable, lid with seat for straps. Available in 3 sizes, they are ideal when it is necessary to reduce the overall dimensions when not in use. Also available the bottom layer which, being stuck between one collar and another, allows you to create multiple sectors.

In depth

Modular Boxes are an excellent alternative to bulky containers such as wooden or metal cases. They consist of pallets, stackable collars, interlayer and cover. They stack securely when loaded. When empty, the collars fold up on themselves and rest on the pallet. With cover they can be overlapped.
They represent a significant saving that allows you to optimize the spaces of the storage environments and to reduce transport costs.


Technical data

 800 x 600 mm1200 x 800 mm1200 x 1000 mm
External dimensions 4 collar and cover (mm)752 x 552 x 8001200 x 800 x 10101200 x 1000 x 1010
Internal dimensions 4 collar and cover (mm) 752 x 552 x 8001152 x 752 x 8001152 x 952 x 800
Collar height (mm)200200200
Internal volume 4 collar and cover (m3)0,3320,6930,877
Static load (Kg)200040005000
Dynamic load (Kg)80016002000
Rack load (Kg)4008001000
Total weight 4 collar and cover (Kg)36,259,8568,8
External dimensions 3 collar and cover (mm)800 x 600 x 8101200 x 800 x 8101200 x 1000 x 1010
Internal dimensions 3 collar and cover (mm)752 x 552 x 6001152 x 752 x 6001152 x 952 x 600
Internal volume 3 collar and cover (m3)0,2490,5190,658
Total weight 3 collar and cover (Kg)30,7552,030,658
Minimum fork passage height in (mm)959595
Cover weight (Kg)367
Colour Standard Collar \ Pallet Grey \ BlackGrey \ BlackGrey \ Black