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MiR 600 Shelf Lift

Optimize your internal transport of heavy loads with the MiR Shelf Lift module, which allows the MiR 600 to independently pick up trolleys and shelves and then deliver them.
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With the MiR Shelf Lift top module, the MiR600 can autonomously connect to a trolley, transport it and deliver it wherever you need it. It ensures flexible transport of your heavy loads of different sizes and your pallets, without the need for pallet racking. A robot can now pick up and deliver multiple carts, wherever you need them.

Optimize the transport of heavy loads without changing the layout of the structure.




The complete technical specifications of the MiR 600 robot can be read by clicking here.

Below are the specifications of the MiR Shelf Lift module


Intended use:

  • Self-contained collection and delivery device for trolleys, racks and other lifting applications

  • Developed to work with MiR 600



  • Length 1304 mm

  • Width910 mm

  • Height 94 mm

  • Total height when lifted 156 mm

  • Lift height 60 mm

  • Lifting length 1174 mm

  • Lifting width 710 mm



  • Maximum payload 1250 kg