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MiR 100

Il MiR100 è un robot mobile sicuro ed economico che automatizza rapidamente i trasporti e la logistica all'interno dell'azienda. Ottimizza i flussi di lavoro liberando risorse tra il personale, contribuendo così ad aumentare la produttività e a ridurre i costi.
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With tremendous flexibility and intelligent technology, the MiR100 can be used in virtually any situation that requires employees to spend their time pushing carts or handling deliveries. Now these activities can be automated. The MiR100 is extremely flexible and is capable of autonomously carrying loads of up to 100 kg (220 lb). It allows you to install customized upper modules such as containers, grids, elevators, belts and even a collaborative robotic arm, for any application. The upper modules are easily replaced, to adapt the robot to different activities. The robot safely avoids people and obstacles, goes through doors, enters and exits elevators. Digital building plans can be downloaded directly to the robot or programmed with the intuitive web-based interface that requires no programming experience.



  • Maximum speed: 1.5 m/s

  • Autonomy: 10 hours

  • Payload of the robot: 100 kg

  • Dimensions: 890 mm x 580 mm





Intended use:


  • Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

  • For small transport in the manufacturing, logistics and healthcare sectors




  • Length 890 mm

  • Width 580 mm

  • Height 352 mm

  • Height from the floor 50 mm

  • Weight (without load) 70 kg




  • RAL 9010 Pure white




  • Maximum payload 100 kg | 220 lbs. (maximum 5% incline)

  • Towing capacity 300 kg (see the MiRHook 100 specifications)


Speed and performance:


  • Autonomy 10 hours or 20 km

  • maximum forward speed: 1,5 m/s (5,4 km/h) / Backward: 0,3 m/s (1 km/h)

  • Turning radius 1300 mm (relative to the center of the robot)

  • Positioning accuracy +/- 50mm from the position, +/- 10mm from the stop mark

  • Climbing difference in height and tolerance on the front 20 mm

  • Minimum width: corridor 1 m (footprint / normal footprint)

  • Rotation diameter around an obstacle / wall without load: 1.3 m, maximum load: 1.3 m (footprint / normal footprint). No load: 1.2m, maximum load: 1.1m (footprint / footprint minimized)

  • Product design life five years




  • Li-NMC, 24 V, 40 Ah Battery

  • Charging time with cable: up to 4.5 hours (0-80%: 3 hours) / With charging station: up to 3 hours (0-80%: 2 hours)

  • External charger input: 100-230 V ac, 50-60 Hz / Output: 24 V, max 15 A

  • MiRCharge 24V charging options, charging cable


Environmental characteristics:


  • Ambient temperature range, operation 5–40°C | 41–104°F(humidity 10-95% without condensation)

  • IP 20 protection

  • CE certification, Certified for use in a clean room

  • Noise level 60-64 dBA (depending on the surface)

  • For internal use only




  • WiFi Wireless dual band AC/G/N/B

  • I/O USB and Ethernet




  • SICK safety system (2 pcs.) SICK S300 safety laser scanner (front and back) for 360 ° visual protection around the robot

  • 3D cameras (2 pcs.) Intel RealSense ™ for detection of objects in the path, 50-1800 mm above the ground

  • 4 pcs ultrasonic sensors.


Upper module:


  • Max height from the ground to the top 1800 mm

  • Center of gravity less than 900 mm from the ground


Compliance and approvals:


  • Safety standards CE, EN1525, ANSI B56.5, ISO13849-1

  • EMC EN61000-6-2 & EN61000-6-4