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Magnetic visual pockets Neodym

Magnetic document holder in coloured plastic, with 2 Neodym. Particularly suitable for irregular or very small hooking surfaces. Even in case of heavy movements (vibration, transport, etc.) the fixing is very stable. ESD version available.
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The two Neodym magnets inserted under the surface do not damage the material to which they will be applied. They are also the optimal solution to situations in which vibrations during transport are a problem or when the coupling surfaces are irregular or very small. Even during heavy movements (vibration, transport, etc.) the fixing is always stable.Neodym magnetic document holder made of resistant colored PVC plastic and transparent front which allows the reading of documents without having to remove them.


  • Upper opening

  • 2 high power Neodym magnets

  • Scanner-readable

  • Version with closure available




The strength of the magnet allows them to overlap for collection.










  A/A (mm)

  B/B (mm)

  1/3 landsc.



  A7 landsc.



  A6 landsc.



  A5 landsc.



  A5 portr.



  A4 landsc.



  A4 portr.









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