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Magnetic ring binder

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Magnetic ring binder

Magnetic ring binder, usable horizontally and vertically. For the collection of readable duplex FLIP-MAG envelopes. It allows you to give visibility to your documents, even collected in a book, wherever there is a metal surface.

Magnetic pocket for A4 sheets

Perforated magnetic envelope for A4 sheets, colored with double housing for documents. With RBM-MA-35 creates a browsable book that maintains the open position of the pages. Ideal for production lists, price lists and manuals.

The book binder is a practical and flexible system for presenting information in all workplaces where the display and consultation of information is required in a clear and visible way, for example machinery, computer stations, laboratories, supermarket checkouts or stores
Composed of supports that contain 10 envelopes with the possibility of variants for fixing to the wall, magnetic, table or with articulated arm, also implementable, and envelopes with colored rigid frame, readable on both sides.
In the vertical A4 format envelopes can be inserted price lists, tables, drawings, instructions, images or texts.



The Neodym magnets on the bags, placed on the side opposite the holes and embedded in the plastic material of which they are made, allow them to be anchored whether the RBM-MA-35 support is placed vertically or horizontally. It will thus be possible to browse the content by leaving the pages of your interest open by exploiting the overlap of the magnets.