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LongLife - Adhesive classification symbols

LongLife - Ground classification symbols ø 600 mm, stickers, anti-slip with symbols of prohibitions, attention and indication. Of important dimensions, they are also clearly visible from the driving position of forklifts or operating machines. Designed to improve safety in the workplace.
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Adhesive symbols of classification on the ground in PVC, resistant and non-slip, of ø 600 mm, showing prohibition, attention and indication symbols. The extra strong adhesive guarantees the seal on floors which, during the laying phase, are homogeneous, clean and not greasy. Also suitable for use as a forklift truck and with high visual efficacy thanks to its dimensions, the operator is also able to drive an operating machine, forklift, floor washer. The classification symbols are a means of increasing safety in the workplace:indispensable to prevent reducing accidents caused by external causes.

Specific symbols Covid19.





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