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Delimitation symbols

Adhesive symbols for road markings, in resistant and non-slip PVC plastic, in various sizes and colors. Indispensable for delimiting workstations, storage areas, pallet positions. The color allows an immediate distinction of the different intended uses. Resistant to mechanical stress and washing even with machinery. High and long-lasting, they do not damage the flooring.
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The adhesive PVC plastic with which the earth symbols are made is resistant to mechanical stress and washing even with machinery. The symbols are available in different shapes and colors. Colored L, T, straight, square, 45 ° and 90 ° shapes become indispensable for delimiting work stations, storage areas, pallet stations.

To correctly delimit a pallet, we recommend leaving 30-50 mm of space between the pallet and the symbols.


High sealing is guaranteed on condition that the flooring is regular, clean and not greased during installation. The flooring is not damaged. The colors are standard and repeatable over time.



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