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Lean Factory Corner

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Square Frame 30 x 30 mm

Square aluminum profile, 30 x 30 mm. Slot 8. Length 6070 mm.


The constant need for communication and visual management of information led us to design Lean Factory Corners which, in fact, are meeting places for operators where company information, programs, communications, process procedures and technical manuals can be stored. Due to an ever-growing number of documents, it is necessary to collect everything in a single area in order to be able to display them in a clear, orderly and distinct manner, thus optimizing learning times as well as allowing updates in real time.


Walls, columns, corners and titles make up these magnetic "rooms": the structure is in aluminum profile while the surfaces are enamelled. The characteristic of the surfaces is to be magnetic and writable with any type of marker.The Lean Factory Corners are designed according to the useful space in your system, the amount of information to be displayed and, consequently, the dimensions you require. It is possible to define which and how many walls must be magnetic, the height of the title, the width of the access rooms. Upon completion, shelves and furniture can be integrated open or with door. We also offer loose components to allow you to create a Lean Corner in absolute autonomy. 



Example for realization

COD: 303-36220603
Lean Factory Corner -  Solution 1

COD: 305-36220239 
Lean Factory Corner -  Solution 2


Details for realization

The realization of a Lean Factory Corner always requires that each corner is always composed of an LFC3 or LFC4 element. 

When the dimensions become important we recommend the use of LFC4 columns in at least 2 corners and, if necessary, intermediate columns to support the walls.