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Kanban-Starter Kit Grey

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Kanban-Starter Kit Grey
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Kanban-Starter Kit Gray is composed of a magnetic board, 8 gray Systembox columns of 25 positions each, coloured cards for the creation of the Kanban Traffic Light, as well as magnetic windows and a mailbox. Ideal for starting a Kanban project not yet defined as it can be implemented later. The various elements can then be purchased separately and fully compatible with what is already present in the kit.





Kanban-Starter Kit Grey is composed of:



 Central board L = 2000 H = 1208 H tot = 2000 1 writable magnetic face

 1 pack


 Grey Systembox

 4 pack


 Upper plastics

 4 pack


 Frontal plastics

 1 pack


 Upper support for 4 Systembox columns

 2 pack


 Magnetic Kanban box  1/3 DIN landsc.

 1 pack


 Magnetic windows A4 portr. blue

 1 pack


 Red card for upper plastic

 1 pack


 Yellow card for upper plastics

 1 pack


 Green card for upper plastics

 2 pack


 Green card for frontal plastics

 1 pack


 kit screw for SYSB-WH-4

 2 pack


 Board B1-2000NAP