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KAN-Special in colored plastic with transparent front, opening on the long side and hole that allows a quick collection on a wall support. Suitable for use on KLT containers.
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Semi-rigid plastic kanban holder with hole arranged for collection on wall bracket. A fast system to protect and enhance your Kanban tags. With dimensions suitable for the seats arranged on KLT containers and ideal for managing the kanban blackboard system with Systembox and Cardplan

Non-standard measures.

The transparent version allows two-sided reading.


  • Upper opening

  • Internal dimensions: 67 x 150 mm

  • External dimensions: 85 x 209 mm

  • Cardboard inserts available in any required size

  • Scanner-readable

  • Suitable for KLT containers




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Supports for Systembox

Upper and lower steel supports for Systembox. Required for fixing on the wall or on whiteboards. In 2 higher versions that allow infinite combinations and a lower version to stabilize a set of columns.


KAN-Label in colored plastic and transparent front with side opening. Designed to protect kanban tags. Suitable for use on KLT containers and in Kanban boards.


The Systemboxes are colored plastic elements that can be stacked and placed side by side. Used for the collection of Kanban tags and the creation of Semaphore Kanban, Heijunka and Lot Size Kanban systems. The rear notched groove is the housing of an adapter that allows the insertion of even small Kanban. Requires accessories to complete the system. Compatible with Systembox A4. ESD version available.