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Hook support S100

Hook support with clip for S100 frame. The frame can thus be hung from the ceiling, hooking on PKR-KK chains to make them visible from afar, or in cascade with other S100 frames using PKR-CL-OED-100.
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S100 hook support with clip for S100 frame. It makes it possible: to suspend information from the ceiling by hooking on PKR-KK chains and make it visible from afar; create cascade frames using the PKR-CL-OED-100 ring support fixed on the second frame. Recommended in situations where identification at man height is impractical.

For use with PKR-KK or PKR-CL-OED-100.

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Frame S100

The suspension frame, with colored border and anti-reflective plastic, is legible on both sides. The replacement of indications is very fast: a clip blocks the sheet. Many hooking variants are available (magnetic / adhesive / wall mounted) for identification of shelves, storages and parking lots.

Magnetic support S100

Magnetic support for S100 frames. Rotate 360 °. Allows you to display S100 frames both vertically and horizontally without having to drill. It supports up to 2.8 kg, therefore also cascade linked frames.

Wall support S100

The S100 wall support allows you to attach the S100 frame to the wall, shelf or machine, making it almost invisible. Equipped with adhesive and hole for possible mechanical fixing.