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Hexalift Column

Elegant and robust column, perfect for worktops

Controller Syncontrol 24 volt

With battery and power supply

Controller Syncontrol 3

Up to 3 engines/lifters. The control unit can be programmed and interfaced. The power cable is selled separately.

Control Panel

Control panel with 4 memories for SYC3

Power Cable

Necessary component for Syncontrol 3

Mounting Plate

Mounting plate for Hexalift upper/lower

In Depth

Reliable and robust lifting columns with elegant design, perfect for worktops. The possibility of adjustment ensures maximum ergonomics and safety. All lifting solutions offer maximum static loads for each model with both symmetrical and asymmetric bases. 

The solutions are completed by:

  • Control unit: basic model or SYC3 for a control up to three columns simultaneously
  • Power cable for SYC3 control units
  • Controller with 4 memories and LCD screen 
  • Bases symmetric or asymmetric 
  • Upper/lower mounting plates depending on the structures 
  • The customizable structures and completed with dedicated accessories guarantee comfort and practicality.