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Multi connector outer type for GF-N

External connector 90 ° for GF-N.

Hard External connector 90 ° for GF-N.

Hard External connector 90 ° for GF-N.

Fixing plate caster

Wheel with plate available in elastic rubber, polyamide and polyurethane according to diameters ranging from 100 mm to 125 mm to 160 mm, with and without brake.

Angle connector outer type for GF-N

Angle connector outer type for GF-N

Caster with bolt hole

Wheel with central hole available in elastic rubber or polyamide, in diameters 100 mm and 125 mm, with and without brake.

Multi connector outer type W for GF-N W

Multi connector outer type W for GF-N W

Free connector outer type for GF-G

Free connector outer type for GF-G

Caster with brake

Caster with brake

Angle connector outer type E for GF-N

Angle connector outer type E for GF-N

fixed frame caster ø 50 mm

fixed frame caster ø 50 mm

Lean Green Factory

The system of aluminum profiles and components offers unlimited possibilities for the creation of workstations, trolleys and gravity warehouses, guaranteeing maximum flexibility for industrial automation. The profiles are available in 3 different diameters with a set of accessories for parallel and perpendicular connections. The recyclability of the profiles and related components is 99%; the production system is RoHS compliant. The ecological impact is minimal thanks also to the reduced use of electricity necessary to refine a recycled ingot: only 3% of energy is used compared to that necessary to refine a new ingot. The extruded anodized aluminum does not deposit oxides and leaves your factory clean. The scratch-resistant surface keeps the profile shiny for a long time. Their particular structure allows a simple and fast assembly thanks to the use of a single locking point.The aluminum extrusion is designed to optimize the balance between strength and weight, making it 60% lighter than welded steel and 20% stronger than resin coated pipes, facilitating the movement of trolleys and gravity warehouses. The variety of profiles and accessories is a customized system that guarantees every need.



The anodizing of the accessories eliminates maintenance and has an excellent aesthetic impact, unlike the coated steel tubing whose resin coating is subject to deterioration, generating dust, rust and requiring additional maintenance.

Aluminum naturally has about 1/3 of the mass of steel. The weight of each extrusion is also reduced by the hollow shape of the Green Frame. Since the connectors and accessories are also made of aluminum, the GF structure remains easy to maneuver, reducing the tension for operators and improving ergonomics without compromising the stability of the structures. Comparing profile and connector, it can be underlined that the weight is reduced by 40%.


The design of internal and external connectors allows the coupling also in solutions with reduced spaces. In addition, the internal version leaves the profile free and limits the accumulation of dust.

The profile has two grooves in each of the 4 corners. The connector is mounted using a single screw making the operation easier and reducing the assembly time by 2/3 compared to the covered tubular. The accessories are supplied already pre-assembled. The combination of lightweight GF profiles and their versatile connectors easily meets the needs of evolving work environments. It allows you to reorganize structures according to new orientations, to adapt them to different operators or to completely reuse your GF components in a new creation.

No less important are the accessories that provide the connection with a square profile or with pre-existing covered tubular.




The layout of the workstations is easy to change. The individual workstation can be easily integrated into an island production system, respecting the conditions and spaces of the operators already present. They can also be easily linked together for in-line production and vice versa.


Simple to modify to suit different needs. Suitable for use as shelving to store components and containers. A practical vertical magazine can be obtained by joining the components by roller sections. The inclination and shape of the second type, number and size of the collection container can be customized.



Reuse with simple disassembly. Functional for the transport of components and containers. The aluminum profiles reduce the operator's workload and offer the possibility to change the size and shape of the compositions.


Clean room



The material does not generate neither dust nor rust. Anodized aluminum with positive slot is particularly suitable for the construction of clean rooms as it does not accumulate dust, does not generate scraps and does not rust.


Lightweight and mobile. The lightness of aluminum is a key factor for the creation of partitions and movable walls.




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