Solutions for Lean Manufacturing

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The GF Lean Cube have a tubular aluminum profile frame ø 28 mm and magnetic and writeable surface, enamelled and vitrified at 800 ° C, in ecological material. The surface is writable with both dry and indelible markers. The Lean Cube in GF are available in different sizes and types such as 2 sectors, swivel or with door. It is also advisable to purchase the feet kit or wheels kit. Different solutions, and possibly also graphic applications, can be evaluated on request.
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Lean Cube in GF are an excellent solution to solve the lack of information points in environments where space is limited. The amount of useful surface made available by the Lean Cube in GF allows you to display all the information required and to organize it in an orderly manner. The surface is made of a special ecological material, enamelled and verified which, in addition to allowing the application of magnetic documents, can also be written with dry markers, erasable with eraser, and with indelible markers erasable with solvent. The panel is unalterable, resistant to sunlight, high heat and chemicals.