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Plastics for systembox A4

Plastic for Systembox A4, transparent. Superior to close the light between one Systembox A4 and the other in cascade formation; the front plastic, to be used only on the latest Systembox A4 in both cascade and compact formation. They prevent the inserted documents from spilling out.
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Plastic in transparent rigid material that allow the insertion of identification cards. In extended composition, with the Systemboxes in the column, the upper plastic identifies the Kanban code contained in the Systembox and one must be used for Systembox except the last one in the column; the front plastic that has the same function as the upper one is to be used only in the last Systembox of each column; Plastic with a ban, on the other hand, prevents the insertion of the Kanban. Top and front plastic also prevent the Kanban contained from coming out of its seat. In compact composition, in table top formation, the identification of the Kanban contained in the Systemboxes takes place through the flag plastic. For upper and front plastic there are the relative cards.


 Frontal plasticUpper plastic Ban plastic Flag plastic







A (mm)169353535








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The Systemboxes are colored plastic elements that can be stacked and placed side by side. Used for the collection of Kanban tags and the creation of Semaphore Kanban, Heijunka and Lot Size Kanban systems. The rear notched groove is the housing of an adapter that allows the insertion of even small Kanban. Requires accessories to complete the system. Compatible with Systembox A4. ESD version available.

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