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FIFO Station - Rails

Yellow plastic rails for guiding the trolleys on one or both sides. 2 elements must be unique with an adapter and terminals are then added. It is possible to integrate a 45x30 mm aluminum profile to allow you to take advantage of the space above the trolleys, for example to display suspended signs or to create a warehouse. Available in different lengths.
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 Yellow plastic rails, with adhesive base, for guiding the trolleys on one side or on both sides. For one-sided driving, recommended for trolleys with rubber wheels, one track is used on the right and one on the left of the wheels, for example, on the right. For driving on both sides, recommended for polyamide wheels, the tracks must be placed outside the 4 wheels. Each track is made up of 2 elements joined by an adapter completed with terminals. If necessary, it is possible to integrate a 45x30 mm aluminum profile to create a load-bearing structure that allows you to optimize the space above the trolleys for the construction of gravity roller conveyors or for structures to support suspended signs. Multiple accessories make it a particularly flexible and easy-to-use system. In addition to fixing to the ground with the adhesive provided, we also recommend mechanical fixing by acting on the pre-drilled terminals. Available in different lengths.



Binario FiFo Standard unionUnion with square profile


Trolley guide with rails on 2 sidesTrolley guide with rails only on one side