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FIFO Monorail - Rails

Monorail track usable for the one-sided guide of trolleys with wheel widths up to 40 mm or 55 mm. Thanks to the accessories you get: modular length thanks to the joints; easy entry thanks to the V-shaped terminals; support between rails regularly spaced thanks to the connection plates. It is possible to integrate structures for suspended signs.
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The FIFO monorail monorail track can be used for the one-sided guide of the carriages. The wheel is not in contact with the pavement but slides in the Monorail guide whose thickness is contained precisely to avoid excessive vibrations at the entrance of the same. Available for wheels up to 40 mm wide or for wheels between 40 mm and 55 mm wide. The second has an upper part in aluminum which is fixed on galvanized steel sheet to ensure maximum performance as it will have to withstand the passage of larger trolleys and therefore, it is expected, of greater loads. The inclined external part, equipped with an 8 mm groove, allows you to add any structures to support the suspension signs. Requires terminals and fixing plates. Joints, brakes and connection plates between one Monorail and the other are available. Possible integration of bunk structure for suspension signs.





40 mm Monorail section 55 mm Monorail section



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FIFO Monorail - Fixing plates

Plates for fixing the tracks to the pavement. Pre-drilled they hook to the external groove of the track with 2 fixing points (screws included) and provide a ground anchor hole.Can be used on both versions of FIFO Monorail - Rails

FIFO Monorail - Monorail brake

Steel brake with plastic brush to brake the carriage travel on FIFO Monorail - Rails. To be installed also on both sides, they are adjustable in braking intensity. If intermediate stops are required, several brakes can also be added at the desired distance. Fixing screws included.

FIFO Monorail - Terminal protection

Plates for the protection of the external part of the FIFO Monorail - Shock terminals. In steel, they are supplied in pairs, right and left, arranged for fixing to the ground and to be joined to the terminal (screws included).