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Aluminum Park Station

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Park Station - Aluminum rails

Aluminum rails to be placed perpendicular to the carriage stroke and define the parking position. Available in high, low and mixed versions to create differentiated solutions according to the stroke and load of the trolley. Different lengths and relative accessories available to complete.

Park Station - Terminal

Kit 4 black rigid plastic elements, adhesive and perforated for fixing to the ground. They fit together at the ends of the Park Station - Tracks. It is possible to insert spacers of variable dimensions to increase the space between the two parts of the track and allow the parking of wheels with different diameters.

Park Station - Park station spacer

Aluminum spacers with 3 widths to remove the two elements that make up the Park Station - Track and allow the parking of trolleys with wheels of different diameters. The spacer, inserted between the terminals, is fixed to the ground with adhesive.

Park Station - Rail adapters

Rail adapter for low Park Station

In depth

Pair of aluminum guides to be fixed perpendicular to the travel of the carriages and stop them, holding the front wheels, establishing a certain position to facilitate loading and unloading operations. They are equipped with a special adhesive for simple and long-lasting floor installation. The fixing is also reinforced by the terminals which are supplied pre-drilled for anchoring to the ground. It is possible to opt for high, low or mixed Park Stations, depending on the load and the path of the trolley. 
They can also be used for any wheel diameter, even beyond 180 mm.

Standard solution for wheels up to 100 mm ø

Aluminum rails with adhesive and terminals with ground fixing

wheel up to 100 mmComponentsComplete Park Station


Solution for wheels over 100 mm ø

 Aluminum rails with adhesive, terminals with ground fixing and spacer (in aluminum) for wheels with a diameter greater than 100 mm. 

wheel over 100 mm ComponentsComplete Park Station with spacer