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EURO boxes cover

Gray polypropylene lids suitable for EURO containers. They adapt perfectly to the shape of the container and allow it to overlap. Gray color RAL 7001
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EURO lids in gray polypropylene, resting Even with the lid inserted, the containers remain stackable and safe.

Gray color RAL 7001

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EURO boxes

Polypropylene containers of first choice, available in different sizes, with closed handle, with reinforced or non-reinforced bottom.The robustness and the material make this container particularly long-lived and therefore convenient. Color: Grey.

Kanban-Cover overhang

Kanban-Cover for suspension in rigid, transparent PVC, open on 3 sides. It can be used to expose kanban on containers with shoulder thickness up to 17 mm. The containers remain stackable. The 3-sided opening does not constrain the size of the kanban. ESD version available.