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ESD Kanban-Cover overhang

Kanban-Cover for suspension in dissipative transparent polymer, open on 3 sides. Compliant with DIN EN 61350-5-1. It can be used to expose kanban on containers with shoulder thickness up to 17 mm. The containers remain stackable. The 3-sided opening does not constrain the size of the kanban.
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Document holder made of rigid material in IDP-STAT® PVC dissipative polymer. It is permanently conductive and meets the requirements of DIN EN 61340-5-1 (2008-07). Resistant to UV rays, suitable for Kanban tags to hang on containers, plastic boxes with a shoulder up to 17 mm thick. Readable by scanner. The bevels on the front ensure easy insertion and removal of documents. It does not compromise the stackability of the containers.






  • Scanner-readable

  • UV resistant

  • Quick installation

  • Ease in inserting and removing documents

  • It can be used for containers with shoulder up to 17 mm thick

  • Compliant with DIN EN 61350-5-1

  • STD version available

  • Suitable for barcode reader








Dimensions LxHxP (mm)

  1/4 DIN

  215 x 80 x 17