Solutions for Lean Manufacturing

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Transparent envelope A4 format

Transparent A4 format envelope, legible on both sides with coloured border. Used and collected up to 10 pieces for wall support, magnetic or jointed, it creates a book binder. To be used to display manuals, price lists or reading extended texts.

Closing clip S100

Sturdy closing clip that prevents the protective cover containing the document from coming out of the S100 frame.

Closing clip S200

Sturdy closing clip that prevents the protective cover containing the document from coming out of the S200 frame.

Magnetic windows®

Colored magnetic window®, writable and rewritable with water-based markers. Ideal for displaying documents on information boards. It does not require enveloping: it rests on the document directly on the blackboard. Reduced dimensions and guaranteed visibility.

Magnetic ring binder

Magnetic ring binder, usable horizontally and vertically. For the collection of readable duplex FLIP-MAG envelopes. It allows you to give visibility to your documents, even collected in a book, wherever there is a metal surface.

Magnetic pocket for A4 sheets

Perforated magnetic envelope for A4 sheets, colored with double housing for documents. With RBM-MA-35 creates a browsable book that maintains the open position of the pages. Ideal for production lists, price lists and manuals.

Folder with clip / Magnetic folder with clip

Folder with clip, also available in magnetic version. In the absence of notepads or when notes must become an integral part of the information displayed on whiteboards. Rigid support. 60 sheet capacity.

Universal clip for frame S100

Universal clip in transparent rigid plastic. The clip is fixed on the interlocking S100 frame. Coupled with PKR-RK-28, PKR-MH, PKR-SKH-30 (hooks on tubular, magnetic and adhesive) it creates hinges with variable but stable angles.

Frame S100

The suspension frame, with colored border and anti-reflective plastic, is legible on both sides. The replacement of indications is very fast: a clip blocks the sheet. Many hooking variants are available (magnetic / adhesive / wall mounted) for identification of shelves, storages and parking lots.

The information tables, which are necessary to display a single document on a magnetic board, a door or a wall, which are housed on the ceiling or which allow the consultation of voluminous documents such as user manuals or price lists, satisfy every need. They are also available in rather large sizes (DIN A1), adhesive, magnetic, repositionable or prepared for wall mounting. Any information displayed clearly and easily accessible allows the operator to save learning times, avoid misunderstandings, always be updated and, if necessary, correct and correct in real time the data just consulted.



Colour chart

The colors allow to define the position of the products and their classification, the progress of the product or the maintenance status of the equipment necessary for production.