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Full ball black nitrile rubber mat to improve operator comfort. Structured base for greater adherence and repellency to water. Ideal in humid environments, for the food sector and in welding environments. ESD version available. Dimensions 600 x 900 mm
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Hydrofit carpet for humid environments and for work areas with special needs such as high hygienic requirements for food or for metalworking industries and welding environments. In black nitrile rubber, with a full sphere upper surface to improve operator comfort and a bottom with a structured base for greater adherence, with a water-repellent effect.


- Anthracite color

- Weight 5.7 Kg

- Thickness 14.5 mm

- Temperature resistance between -18 ° C and + 100 ° C

- Resistant to acids, alkaline solutions and oils usually used in industries

- Ideal for welding jobs

- Dimensions 600 x 900 mm

- ESD version available (Electrical resistance 106 Ω)

- 8 year guarantee