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Dolly type VIIC

Dolly type VIIC 612 x 404 mm with elevated deck H 750 mm, with 2 fixed and 2 swivel wheels in polyamide with ø 100 mm, drawbar with quick coupling.
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Dolly 612 x 404 mm with elevated deck H 750 mm,  with 2 fixed and 2 swivel polyamide wheels, and drawbar for chaining. The quick-release drawbar on the short side allows chaining and towing up to 7-8 trucks with a maximum load of 1000 kg. It can be stored and transported on the LP-KA100 Pallet Adapter.

System patented by K. Hartwall A / S.





 External dimensions: 612 x 404 x 683 mm
 Weight: 18 kg
 Surface treatment: blue zinc plated acc. to EN-ISO2081
 Wheels diameter: 100 mm
 Wheels configuration: 2 fixed + 2 swivel
612 x 404 x 683 mm polyamide
 Max load: 70 kg
 Tugger train: 7-8 pcs   max.1000 kg
 Max speed: 4 km / h
 Safe stacking: 3 pcs (1955 mm)
 Compatibility: LP-KA100; LP-KA010-1