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Fabric strap for Adaptor Pallet

Blue fabric strap equipped with metal safety hooks. Necessary to ensure the loading of the containers on the Dollies on the Adapter Pallet. Length 2300-3800 mm.

Cover for pallets 1200 x 800 mm

The cover for pallets adapts to the dimensions of the containers for small loads and protects the palletized goods from external agents. Equipped with shelves to accommodate load-securing straps or straps.

PVC cover for Dolly Taxi New

Designed to protect the material contained on Dolly Taxi New during handling between warehouses and departments or in external / internal unloading areas. The PVC sheet is very easy to fold, open and close.

Dolly Pallet kit

Additional kit for Dolly Pallet including ESD facilitator to be mounted on the rudder and improve grip and rubber bumper with white / red tape to indicate the exposed corners of the trolley. Improve usage and security.

Multipurpose top for Dolly 800 x 600 mm

Multipurpose top for Dolly 800 x 600 mm with 2 ergonomic handles. It provides a closed plan for the transport of small pieces.

Plastic tray for Dolly 600 x 400 mm

Plastic tray for Dolly 600 x 400 mm designed to be positioned between the trolley and the transported parcels.

To complete the various trolleys, accessories have been designed to facilitate and improve the use of the trolleys themselves, providing protection for the load, ensuring overlapping and improving operator safety.