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CarryMore® System 1000

The CarryMore® System is composed of two types of elements: the Mother Unit and the related Daughter Unit, available in 2 different sizes. the Daughter Unit is fully charged and lifted off the ground; it is then released simply by pressing a pedal positioned on the mother unit.
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The CarryMore® System consists of two elements: the Mother and tre relative Daughter Units. Using the CarryMore® solution, productivity can be significantly increased by reducing the need for multiple displacements from a dock or warehouse to the line with materials.
The Daughter Unit  is released simply by pressing a pedal positioned on the Mother unit
The patented loading system raises the Daughter Unit and their wheels from the ground completely guaranteeing employee safety, reducing wheel wear and noise and saving time and money.


- Eliminates the need for forklifts and reduces the risk of accidents in the production and assembly lines
- Reduces maintenance costs
- Reduces overall operator costs
- Requires only one operator who will make multiple deliveries in one trip
- Allows you to transport smaller loads on the same trains
- Faster delivery times: unloading takes a few seconds




CarryMore® Mother Unit 1000 

Platform size1200 x 800 mm
External dimensions2549 x 1091 x 380 mm
Tare weight200 kg
Steering systemCenter-steer: 2 fixed center and spring loaded swivel wheels at front and back
WheelsHigh payload polyurethane wheels
Working load capacity at 8 km/h1000 kg
Working load capacity at 11 km/h1000 kg
Working load capacity at 16 km/h850 kg
Surface treatmentPowder coating
Train configurationUp to 5-6 units per Mother Unit

Daughter Unit CarryMore® 

Platform size1200 x 800 mm1200 x 1000 mm
External dimensions1248 x 989 x 302 mm1248 x 1189 x 302 mm
Height with the handle1016 mm1096 mm
Tare weight46 kg60 kg
Wheel type2 fixed & 2 swivel2 fixed & 2 swivel
Wheel materialPolyurethanePolyurethane
Surface treatmentPowder coatingPowder coating


System patented by K. Hartwall A / S.