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DL2 column

The DL2 column is designed for a wide range of workstation applications and is the ideal choice for tasks such as height adjustment of computer workstations, work benches, assembly desks or even kitchens.
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In depth

The sturdy two-stage lifting column is the perfect choice for ergonomic height adjustment of high load applications that require strength and sturdiness, such as workstations or tables, in both production and office environments.

The DL2 features grooves on all four sides for optional brackets and easy system integration.

The DL2 can be used as a single column, in a parallel system with 2, 3 or 4 columns, or with up to 16 columns in a multiparallel system. The column is compatible and approved with the control unit L.

The 2-part DL2 column can lift heavy loads, has a very robust design and is compatible with the full range of control boxes and push buttons.

Technical data

  • Column with 2 stages construction
  • External dimensions: 197x194 mm
  • Installation dimensions: 655 mm 
  • Lift stroke: 500 mm 
  • Thrust force: 2500 N for column 
  • Linear speed: 20 mm/s
  • Duty Cycle: 5%
  • Control unit integrated