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Controller Syncontrol 3

Up to 3 engines/lifters. The control unit can be programmed and interfaced. The power cable is selled separately.
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Technical Data 

Design: The SYC3 series of controllers has been the subject of a very innovative development, using the latest generations of design and components. 
Configuration: Powerful interfaces allow easy configuration, monitoring and maintenance.
Easy Synchronization: just connect the motors, the control panel and the power supply and the motors are synchronized.


  • 1-3 motor outputs for controllers for all versions 
  • Acoustic feedback to the operator via tone sequences
  • Serialization of standard controllers via control panel Serialization of up to 6 controllers and definition of up to 4 groups via HUB
  • Power: 380 W
  • Safety stop and safety connection option for contact bars/braids and light curtains

LP-CHC-02: Full version with Gyrosense and Wifi

Additional features:

  • High sensitivity collision detection sensor integrated in the controller
  • Occupation detection by collision sensor
  • Remote maintenance and configuration via the cloud interface

Here you can download the technical data sheet