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Folding containers

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Folding container

Container composed of black pallet 1200x800 mm, grey polionda sleeve with flap opening on the long side to facilitate the operations of picking up the material and completely resealable and can be positioned on the pallet to reduce the size of the empty space and lid. The sleeve is available in 2 heights and 3 different weights to meet the most varied loading needs.

Foldable container

The 1200x800 mm folding container with 4 access compartments is ergonomic and comfortable to handle: 4 integrated openings on the side walls allow easy and convenient access to the content. In case of non-use or transfer it is possible to fold the external walls inwards, bringing great economic advantages. Convenience in loading and unloading operations. Folded height: 42 cm

In depth

1200 x 800 mm containers designed to facilitate the loading and unloading of the material and also to reduce the overall dimensions when they are not used or must be transported.
Two different models available: the first one in fully collapsible polionda is made up of 3 parts: pallet, resealable sleeve with access compartments and cover; the second one can be folded on itself reducing its overall dimensions in height to just 420 mm.
Both stackable when closed to save storage space and transport costs.