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FIFO Monorail - eConnection element

Steel connection element to connect multiple FIFO Monorail-Tracks and make guides available for a greater number of trolleys. Screws included.
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Steel connection element suitable for the connection of tracks in the longitudinal direction. It will thus be possible to create FIFO Monorail Stations which will house a greater number of trolleys. The fixing screws are supplied already screwed into the 4 threaded holes.

Use 2 elements for each conjunction.Connection two Monorail

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FIFO Monorail - Fixing plates

Plates for fixing the tracks to the pavement. Pre-drilled they hook to the external groove of the track with 2 fixing points (screws included) and provide a ground anchor hole.Can be used on both versions of FIFO Monorail - Rails

FIFO Monorail - Terminal protection

Plates for the protection of the external part of the FIFO Monorail - Shock terminals. In steel, they are supplied in pairs, right and left, arranged for fixing to the ground and to be joined to the terminal (screws included).

FIFO Monorail - Monorail brake

Steel brake with plastic brush to brake the carriage travel on FIFO Monorail - Rails. To be installed also on both sides, they are adjustable in braking intensity. If intermediate stops are required, several brakes can also be added at the desired distance. Fixing screws included.